15 04 2014

Not like anyone is keeping up with this anymore. Shoot….I’m not.

But just to let everyone know, my cabinet project took an unexpected nose-dive. I had gotten to the point of painting and close to finally assembly. And I made the mistake of leaving my cab in my father’s garage. One of his friends went in and decided it was cool to set greasy parts and oil rags all over my finished pieces. So that ruined the paint.

Then I moved into a new place, weather, bad health and pretty much anything inbetween kept me from finishing the project. So I ended up having to scrap the whole thing and toss the parts.

It sucks. But it’s a learning experience and just showed me that maybe this wasn’t the direction I was meant to go. So I shelved the idea of owning a arcade cabinet for a while.

Then I stumbled upon this while searching for Vewlix kits:

It’s a little pricey, but for someone that no longer has the space to do any major wood working projects, and can’t fit a full-sized Midway style cab in their crib….this looks like it will be a somewhat decent solution until I move again into a bigger place with a garage. Which won’t be for a few years.

In any case…I’m still alive and a lot has changed for me in the past few years. I hope to keep this blog updated with progress on getting this cab and installing all the electronics and all that.



Been a while.

22 08 2010

There aren’t any physical updates to the cab so far. I’ve bot the base built and primed. The side panels primed. Still have a ton of stuff to do sadly.
Its just so damn hot in South Carolina from April till November. I know I know….”hurry up and get it done man!” But you’re not me…so get off me. lol.

Anyway. I have received a lot of emails wondering where I got the plans and blue prints. I thought I posted it in a previous blog entry but apparently not. So here it is:

Donovan Myers Vewlix Page: http://www.donovanmyers.com/

Donovan is the man that gave me hope and finished the first custom vewlix project.

I’ll start posting more often now that I’m actually working on the cab again.

Cabinet To-Do Checklist:

  • Woodworking – Control Panel (to incorporate 2 TE fightsticks), rounded top piece, speaker bars, front access door, side panel “doors”, front cover pieces, adding fans to the back of the base, adding a ethernet cord and power cord port, adding a back plate to cover rear of TV..
  • Adding a light to the control panel back section to allow the move list to be illuminated.
  • Sanding, Puttying, Priming and Painting.
  • Apply Vinyl decals and other artwork.
  • Insert TV & electronics for final setup.
  • Play the damn thing finally.

A bigger update.

2 07 2009

Got quite a bit done the past few days thanks to my buddy Chainer whose been chewing my ass to get this thing done and playable so we can finally enjoy it.

Here’s a few new progress photos.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.


Well looky looky…

26 06 2009

What came in the mail today!

Hurray for control-goodness. All sanwa…courtesy of Lizard Lick Amusements.

Looks like i have all of next week off so. I shall be finishing the cabinet. Finally.

- Gat

Control Panel Update.

14 06 2009

Control Panel update! Angles mutha f$&^@cka! Do you speak it!  ;D

rear of the control panel, sitting on the bottom box.

underside of the control panel…..thats basically the board that mounts to the main box.

Front shot of the box and control panel. Lookin sexy with its angles. And notice the access door hole has been cut out too.

closer shot of the angled sexy.

Oh look….the top and front come off in one nice piece so that swapping panels or making repairs is easier! w00t.

Now all thats left is the speaker box, pieces to cover the outer edges of the television and the marquee holder top. Then it shall be 100% cut out and assembled. And priming can begin. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

So close now…..so close.

That control panel is damn heavy though….I will probably use bolts to mount it instead of wood screws because I don’t think the screws would hold well enough.

Only thing really left to do to the CP now is rout out the mounting area for the control plate, and the area for the move list artwork. Sand a few edges to make it smooth and then its ready to get primed.


another update

1 06 2009

Glued the side pieces together and cut the television mounting holes.
Thankfully it fit no issues. So that was a huge stress reliever.

So my big concern has been put to rest. Now I can relax and enjoy the
rest of the build.

Here are some photos.

Thats it for now. I should have another update later this week.

- Gat

Some more progress.

23 05 2009

Got the 45 degree bevel around the side pieces done. Cut out the control panel mounting board, then reclamped everything together to see how it looks.

I’ll have some more progress this evening and throughout the long weekend.



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